The Team

"The enthusiastic and warmth of welcome from staff effectively underpins the children's sense of belonging and security." Ofsted

Manager: Sharon Watts has worked at Kittens since 1996 after being a volunteer. She has a BA Hons Degree in Childhood Studies. She has a great passion for outdoor play and embraces all ideas that will promote positive experiences for children to play outside. She is responsible for the running of all areas within the nursery yet works alongside her colleagues in the nursery; playing purposefully in a secure, caring and stimulating environment. Sharon loves festivals, playing the ukulele, hiking and yoga.

Deputy Manager & SENCO: Ginny Taylor has been with Kittens since 1997. She is our SENCO, which means she helps children to access any additional support they may require while attending nursery, such as speech therapy. She has undertaken numerous training courses in this field and also holds a BTEC in Nursery Nursing, a Level 4 NVQ, a university certificate and Level 1 British Sign Language. Ginny also runs our gardening programme with the children. She enjoys crocheting, cycling and playing the ukulele and guitar.

Administrator: Julie Kirkby started working at Kittens in 2008. She is responsible for all financial and administrative aspects of the preschool. She has a BA Hons Degree in Literature, AAT Accounting Level 4, a Diploma in Payroll Management and Level 1 British Sign Language. Julie loves yoga and country walks. She also plays guitar and ukulele.

Nursery Nurses:

Zoe Harrison has been employed by Kittens since 1998. Previous to this she was a volunteer before qualifying as a Nursery Nurse with NVQ Level 3 and a BTEC in Health & Social Care. Zoe oversees the running of the library and is in charge of delivering regular music sessions at Kittens. Zoe loves reading and music.

Cheryl Walker has worked at Kittens since 2010. Previous to her employment she was a volunteer at Kittens. She has an NVQ Level 3 in Childcare and an FdA Degree in Childhood Studies. She is currently working towards her BA Hons degree. Cheryl is the one children are most likely to go to for cuddles. She likes long walks with her family and her dog.

Christine Brighty has been employed by Kittens since 2004. She has an NVQ Level 3 in Childcare and an FdA Degree in Childhood Studies. Christine is responsible for the care of the nursery pets where she ensures the children understand how to look after and handle them safely. She also runs our regular French sessions with the children. When Christine isn't at Kittens she can be found at the stables or winning competitions with her local darts team. She loves her horse, Zeus, and her dogs.

Briony Taylor has worked at Kittens since 2018 after volunteering for us many times. She has a first-class Honours Degree in Public Services and is currently studying towards her NVQ Level 3 in Childcare. Briony runs a local Brownie Guide unit, loves all things Harry Potter, cycling, swimming, scuba diving and she plays the ukulele.

Kittens’ Pets

At Kittens, our pets are very much a part of our team and through them the children learn to respect and care for animals and creatures. It gives children that do not have any pets at home experience of looking after and handling them. They learn about life cycles, habitats and the importance of consideration for wildlife in our environment. The children clean their hands after handling or petting any of our pets which they have regular opportunity to do.

Bert and Ernie are our lovely guinea pigs who came to Kittens in January 2015.

Norris and Monty are our very friendly rats who can often be found peeking from a staff member’s shoulders.

Flash is Giant African Land snail. He is taken out of his tank and handled by those who are brave enough!

We also have our resident fish who have a tank which is at child height.

In Spring we also have caterpillars that the children observe turning to butterflies, tadpoles that become frogs and eggs that we incubate until the chicks hatch when they return to the farm.

"Children are gentle and caring when handling the animals. In their play they are respectful and accepting of the need to share with each other. This approach is helping children develop an emotional and social maturity." Ofsted, 2014